Colette’s passion for photography began as a young child.  Inspired by her father, a self- taught photographer and Clinical Psychologist, he approached a photojournalistic angle to photography which gave her an early appreciation of the art.  Although her family had their share of studio portraits, it is her father's candid images that grace their walls today. 

During Colette’s time studying and traveling throughout Europe, it was never the landscapes that she wanted to capture through photography - it was the people.  She wanted to encapsulate “real” moments - not posed images.  While living in Germany, she was fortunate to capture the fall of the Berlin Wall through other’s emotions. 

Back home, she graduated with a film degree from Loyola Marymount University.  After ten years of exciting film and television projects that took her all over the world, she became the proud mother of identical twin boys.  Although she genuinely loved being in the entertainment industry, she decided to point her lens in a different direction and follow her passion.  As a result, her children's photography business was born.  Colette discovered that her film and editing background laid the foundation for a unique approach to photography. She has found that taking a spontaneous moment in time and capturing it for families to enjoy for a lifetime gives her tremendous joy.